Presenting a replacement for ol’ fashioned soap and water for people on the go- the GoSan easy-to-use alcohol-based sanitizer.


Kills Germs:
Formulated with potent denaturing agents in the right proportions, GoSan sanitizer kills germs and bacteria in an instant. A product that leaves your hands squeaky-clean, a GoSan hand sanitizer sachet cleanses hands on the go.


GoSan sanitizer targets the germs but is perfectly gentle on the hands. Our formula works without drying out the skin. Developed with natural moisturizers, its gel-based formula moisturizes the hands and retains moisture. As a result, the skin never feels dry or itchy after use.


You love your hands and we care for them too. So, we made a sanitizer that both cleans and softens. Infused with skin-softening agents, our antibacterial hand sanitizer gel penetrates the skin on both sides of the hands leaving them soft and plump to touch. Say goodbye to dry, rough hands and hello to baby soft hands with GoSan hand sanitizers.


Fast Absorbing:
GoSan hand sanitizers are designed for the road. It does not take a vigorous rubbing. Made with fast-absorbing ingredients, the sanitizer absorbs well in the skin real fast. Within 20 seconds, your hands are clean and dry.


Saves Water:
Who has the time to wash their hands with soap and water every time they touch a surface? So unless you have dirt in your hands, or are coming back from outside, GoSan hand sanitizer is an excellent choice for water-free cleaning. It saves time and most importantly saves water, which is a key concern of our environment today.


100% Recyclable:
Just like we care for your hands, we care for the environment too. Every time a non-recyclable packaging is used, it harms our home, our planet. Keeping in mind the health of the earth, we have used a 100% recyclable packaging. Befriending Earth, Defending YOU!


Evaporates Quickly:
Containing the right amount of alcohol, GoSan hand sanitizer does not take a ton of rubbing and slathering. It evaporates in just a few seconds.


Refreshing Fragrance:
GoSan sanitizer is infused with a light and refreshing aroma that is very unlike the strong and heady fragrances of hand sanitizers. Infused with natural scents, it has a soft and pleasing smell that does not pass onto foods while eating.


Travel Friendly:
GoSan sanitizers come in small sachets that can fit in the smallest of pockets. You can carry them in your bag just as easily as in your back pocket. Easy tear feature makes them fuss-free.


GoSan sanitizers are meant to make sanitizers available to the mass. So, we priced them to suit every wallet in the country.


Vegan: Our product is fully vegan so anybody can use them.


Cruelty-Free: We don’t test our products on animals


Pet Friendly: Our perfect sanitizers are safe to be used around pets.

GoSan Sanitizer 1 mL

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